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Seduced By The Sitter

Seduced By The Sitter
Adult Time

Rachael Cavalli arrives home from work, and sees that the babysitter, Reese Robbins, is still there because Rachael’s husband didn’t come back on time to dismiss her… AGAIN. Rachael is very apologetic but Reese says she doesn’t mind because she values this time she gets to spend with Rachael, which she wouldn’t be able to do if she’d gone home already. Flattered, Rachael insists that she should at least help Reese finish cleaning up around here, so Reese can finally go home. As they work closely together in a tight space, it becomes clear from touches and secretive glances that all their time spent together due to the husband’s tardiness has caused an unintended attraction to build between them. But a relationship between a married woman and the family babysitter would be seen as completely inappropriate, so neither has acted on these forbidden feelings, keeping it to themselves… until now.


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